Title: Key considerations in smart grid and metering communication
Content: Webinar
Date: 15 May 2020


The smart grid – an electric network capable of two way electricity and data flows that can detect, react to changes in the network, that has self-healing capabilities and allows electricity customers to actively participate in the system. Essentially the two way flows of information is enabled with communications – and this is where things become challenging. It is a complex collection of components that enables to flow the information along the grid – yet there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to picking the communication technology best suited to your particular environment.

This session looked at:

  • Communication options – hybrid systems
  • Backhaul and security
  • Interoperability


Confirmed Panel:
Moderator: Claire Volkwyn, Editor, Smart Energy International

Speaker Panel:

  • Mark Ossel, Board Member | Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), Netherlands
  • Emad El Sewedy, Chairman & CEO | El Sewedy Electrometer Group, Egypt
  • Don Taylor, Technical Consultant | STSA, South Africa