TITLE:  Episode 11: Interview with Mr Bundit Sapianchai, President & CEO, BCPG Public Company Limited

Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 30 September 2020

In this Interview we had the honour to sit down with Mr Bundit Sapianchai, CEO of BCPG group to discuss how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ASEAN energy sector and hear some of BCPG Group’s strategies to operate and cope during this crisis. Mr Sapianchai also shared his thoughts on the three trends impacting the energy industry the most in the next 5 years and provided us some insights on ASEAN emerging markets.


Powering Thailand’s Energy Transition Series


Episode 1:
EGAT’s Direction –Delivering Innovation & Energy Excellence

Content: Webinar
Date: 5 November 2020
Overview: In this far-reaching interview, the Senior Deputy Governor of EGAT’s Power Business, and Governor-in-waiting, Mr. Boonyanit Wongrukmit, will share with viewers the direction of travel for Thailand’s national utility as it approaches a period of significant transformation.


EGAT Series - Episode 1

Episode 2:
LNG Market Entry Strategies: Supporting EGAT’s LNG Ambition

Content: Webinar
Date: 17 November 2020
Overview: As EGAT pivots toward LNG importation and distribution, it enters a market it is not entirely familiar with. The strategic partnerships and cooperation, combined with the need for new technologies discussed in the opening interview with Mr. Boonyanit, will be critical to the success of this new venture.

EGAT - Episode 2 On Demand

Episode 3: Enabling the Energy Transition: Strategies for RE Integration

Content: Webinar
Date: 3 December 2020
Overview: EGAT’s has set ambitious NRETs but integrating RE into the existing grid is a significant hurdle, requiring resilient and flexible grid systems. Learn how EGAT will approach this challenge and the support they require from the international community.


EGAT - Episode 3

Episode 4: Thailand: Gateway to the ASEAN Power Market


Content: Webinar
Date: 17 December 2020
Overview: Thailand’s ambition to become a regional power hub is well known but what significant infrastructure is required, from improved transmission networks to the mechanisms and platforms that are necessary to enable a regional power market.


EGAT Series - Episode 4


Episode 5:
EGAT Care - Elevating Social Engagement

Content: Interview
Date: 18 December 2020
Overview: A video released to all series registrants via email, episode five highlights to the ASEAN power sector the CSR initiatives implemented by EGAT, presented by the Deputy Governor of Administration. 

EGAT Series - Episode 5


Indonesia's New Energy Paradigm Series


Episode 1: PLN's New Paradigm - Interview with the PLN President Director


Content: Webinar
Date: 15 July 2020
Overview: Launching the series, this interview with PLN’s President Director will provide a detailed insight into PLN’s New Paradigm. The President Director presented the core pillars of the strategy, Green, Lean, Customer Focus and Digital and what they mean for Indonesia’s power industry, and the opportunities it provides for investment from both domestic and international stakeholders.

MKI Series episode 1


Episode 2: How can Coal-Fired Generation Remain Relevant in a Changing Energy Landscape?

Content: Interview & Webinar
Date: 29 July 2020
Overview: The opening interview will provide insights into PLN’s coal strategy and its continued place in Indonesia’s energy mix. In the subsequent panel, our experts discussed the role of clean coal technologies in helping coal remain relevant amidst a regional push for clean energy.


Episode 3: PLN's Digital Future


Content: Interview & Webinar
Date: 12 August 2020
Overview: This interview will outline how digital technology features within PLN’s New Paradigm and highlight where the organisation sees maximum benefit to their existing and future operations, driving their investment strategy in the short- to medium-term.




Episode 4:
PLN's Smart Grid Strategy


Content: Interview & Webinar
Date: 26 August 2020
Overview: The interview will take a deep dive into PLN’s smart grid strategy and how the implementation of smart grids across Indonesia will facilitate the transition to renewable energy, while also helping to ensure a more reliable supply of power to a country plagued by blackouts, driving economic growth.

episode 4


Episode 5: Meeting Indonesia's National Renewable Energy Target


Content: Interview & Webinar
Date: 9 September 2020
Overview: Indonesia's energy policy calls for 23% renewables in the national energy mix by 2025. A series of presentations will provide insights into the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources’ plan of how to achieve this ambitious figure, the role PLN plays in supporting this through their RE strategy, and the barriers the private sector faces in playing a role in Indonesia’s clean energy future, and how these can be overcome.


Episode 6: PLN Achieving 100% Electrification: The Role of Distributed Energy


Content: Interview & Webinar
Date: 23 September 2020
Overview: In the panel discussion, expert speakers will discuss the rise of microgrid technology and how these can be adopted to best suit PLN’s needs.  Sometimes seen as a threat to national utilities’ existing business models, the discussion will provide insights into how PLN’s business models can be adapted to view the adoption of distributed energy and microgrids as an opportunity on which to capitalise. 

MKI - Episode 6

Episode 7: Supporting Indonesia's Energy Sector Growth Through Domestic & International Investment

Content: Webinar
Date: 7 October 2020
Overview: In this discussion, speakers will highlight the opportunities for investment across the country’s power and electricity sectors, in line with the government’s energy strategy and PLN’s New Paradigm, whilst also sharing their views on the barriers investors face when considering Indonesia’s power sector and the appetite for investment in the country under the current legal and regulatory frameworks.

MKI - Episode 7



Past Webinars


Bridging the gap between IT and OT systems


Content: Webinar
Date: 17 March 2021
Overview: Get insights into TNB, SP Group and Accenture's digital transformation agenda. They will be joined by global solutions provider Oracle to share strategies and experiences in successfully "Bridging the gap between IT and OT systems". 

Oracle Webinar - On Demand

Why Reducing the Levelised CoE with Solar is Critical to the Market

Content: Webinar
Date: 3 February 2021
Overview: Our industry experts will provide insights into the regional solar market, an understanding of the importance of reducing LCOE to ensure a competitive future for solar and ensure the transition to cleaner energy and more.

Trina Solar Webinar

The Rise of Start up Scene in Indonesia’s Energy Transition

Content: Webinar
Date: 10 December 2020
Overview: In this webinar, the Winners and Judges from the Indonesian Energy Innovation Challenge come together to discuss how the future generation of ASEAN energy sector will play a part in making the energy transition thrive in Southeast Asia. 

Initiate Webinar

Is the Covid-19 Pandemic the Catalyst for Rapid Digital Deployment by Southeast Asia’s Utilities?

Content: Webinar
Date: 9 December 2020
Overview: In this webinar, we discussed the role of digital technologies in improving resilience, efficiency and profitability and why the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic should highlight the need for rapid digital deployment across ASEAN.

Oracle Webinar


How Digital Technologies Keep Power Generation Reliable in Times of Crisis?

Content: Webinar
Date: 25 June 2020
Overview: This panel discussed trends in digitalisation, and the impact this pandemic will have on future plans for such technologies, will it accelerate or decelerate investment?


The Rise of the C&I Buyer in Supporting ASEAN's Energy Transition

Content: Webinar
Date: 11 June 2020
Overview: How will the ASEAN energy transition be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and how will the rise of C&I as energy buyers seeking sustainable energy solutions play a role?


Unlocking the Potential of Hydrogen in APAC


Content: Webinar
Date: 21 May 2020
Overview: Hydrogen is forecasted to play a key role in a clean, secure and affordable energy future.

But how bright is its future in APAC?


The World’s Fastest One Million Smart Meter Deployment


Content: Webinar
Date: 14 May 2020
Overview: Understand the secrets to a partnership that was so integral to the success of the project and highlight key lessons learned that will shape the future of mass-meter deployment across the region.



Expert Insights Series


Episode 1: Assessing the Power Generation Fuel Mix of SE Asia for the Next Decade

Content: Interview
Date: 23 April 2020
Overview: In this interview, we discussed about the latest version of IHS’s Energy & Natural Resources Insights publication, and his article, 'Assessing the Power Generation Fuel Mix of Southeast Asia for the Next Decade'.



Episode 2: Impact of COVID-19 on the Asian Renewable Energy

Content: Interview
Date: 16 June 2020
Overview: In this interview with Vincent Bakker, we discussed about the Impact of COVID-19 on the Asian Renewable Energy Sector. Read Vincent’s insights into Positive Energy’s Industry Survey here & find out more about Positive Energy and their platform.



Episode 3: EGAT's Current and Future Hydrogen


Content: Interview
Date: 16 June 2020
Overview: In this interview with Yosapol Rathamarit, we discussed about exploring EGAT's current and future hydrogen aspirations. Watch the full interview to learn more.


Episode 4: Blockchain - An Enabler for New Business Models


Content: Interview
Date: 22 June 2020
Overview: Maria Rossbander, Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Blockchain Expert, Siemens Energy, and Prof. Dr. Monika Sturm, Principal Key Expert in Digitalization, Siemens Energy,  discuss the potential for blockchain to positively impact Southeast Asia’s energy systems.



Episode 5: Australia’s Generator Compliance Obligations

Content: Interview
Date: 23 June 2020
Overview: In this interview with Peter Brown, New Zealand General Manager from PSC, we discuss the Australian generation market’s regulatory environment and explore Compliance Monitoring Programs, a mandatory requirement for all generation assets in Australia.




Episode 6: Interview with Daniel Mallo, Societe Generale

Content: Interview
Date: 30 June 2020
Overview: Daniel Mallo, Head of Energy, Infrastructure and Metals & Mining, Asia Pacific, Societe Generale, joins Simon for a general discussion about the state of the industry, the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on the power sector, the availability of capital and he shares with us where he sees the bright spots in the region’s power sector going forward.


Episode 7: Interview with Narsingh Chaudhary, Black & Veatch

Content: Interview
Date: 21 July 2020
Overview: Narsingh Chaudhary, Executive VP & MD, Asian Power Business, Black & Veatch discussed the opportunities that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented for the regional power sector, 3 trends he sees impacting the industry most in the next 5 years and how the regional power sector can prepare for the adoption of these trends.

Narsingh interview

Episode 8: Interview with Yatin Premchand, Black & Veatch

Content: Interview
Date: 23 July 2020
Overview: Yatin Premchand, MD of Management Consulting, Black & Veatch spoke about the investment strategies of multinational and development banks in Asia’s energy transformation, the investment opportunities and sector growth forecast across Asia, in view of the pandemic and how project developers, lenders and investors are viewing the RE opportunity in Asia.

Interview with Yatin

Episode 9: Interview with Achal Sonhdi, APAC Market Director, Fluence


Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 2 September 2020
Overview: We had the opportunity to sit down with Achal Sondhi APAC Market Director for Fluence – a Siemens and AES Company and discussed the role of energy storage in making the grid more efficient, how feasible storage for the ASEAN region actually is and how ASEAN nations can help accelerate the adoption of storage.

Enlit World

Episode 10: Interview with Joerg Gmeinbauer, Global Vice President, Power & Utilities, Bureau Veritas

Content: Expert Insights Series

Date: 7 September 2020
Overview: In this far-reaching interview with Joerg Gmeinbauer, Global Vice President, Power & Utilities, Bureau Veritas, he shared with us the 3 biggest trends he sees impacting the industry most in the next 5 years. 


Joerg Gmeinbauer

Episode 11: Interview with Mr Bundit Sapianchai, President & CEO, BCPG Public Company Limited

Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 30 September 2020
Overview: In this Interview we had the honour to sit down with Mr Bundit Sapianchai, CEO of BCPG group to discuss how the recent COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ASEAN energy sector and hear some of BCPG Group’s strategies to operate and cope during this crisis. 


Episode 11: Interview with Mr Bundit Sapiancha

Episode 12: Interview with Joseph Jacobelli, Asia Clean Tech Energy


Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 26 January 2021
OverviewJoseph Jacobelli shares his insights about the ascent of green investing and how the pandemic has had little effect on the renewable momentum.


Interview with Joseph Jacobelli, Asia Clean Tech Energy


Episode 13: Interview with Giresh Prabhat, Uniper Energy Asia Pacific

Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 2 February 2021
Overview: Managing Director Giresh Prabhat wants you to know what’s new in the Uniper world and shares plans to become Climate Neutral by 2035.

Uniper Webinar

Episode 14: Interview with Wei Yik Lee, AVA Asia


Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 17 February 2021
Overview: What does the CEO & Co-founder at AVA Asia, Wei Yik Lee, want you to know how data analytics and how drone usage can revolutionise solar power plant efficiency? Tune in to learn.

AVA Asia

Episode 15: Interview with Frank Thiel, Quezon Power Philippines Ltd

Content: Expert Insights Series
Date: 16 March 2021
Overview: What does the Managing Director at Quezon Power Philippines Ltd, Frank Thiel, want you to know about drone PO and outage planning? Click to view.

Frank Thiel Interview


Initiate Talks


Initiate Talks: Interview with University of Twente


Content: Interview
Date: 27 November 2020
Overview: In this interview, we spoke with Rivano W. Toontje, Master Student, University of Twente on the research he conducted with regards to the Energy future for the new Indonesia’s capital city: an energy modelling approach.

Initiate Talks - Univeristy of Twente

Initiate Talks: Interview with Universitas Indonesia


Content: Interview
Date: 30 September 2020
Overview: In this Interview, we sat down with Miss Amira Bilqis, Researcher of Center for International Law Studies, Universitas Indonesia to discuss her work and experience in Climate Change.

Initiate Talks

Initiate Talks: Interview with ASEAN Centre for Energy


Content: Interview
Date: 23 September 2020
Overview: In this interview with Nadhilah Shani, Research Analyst from ASEAN Centre for Energy, we explore the energy landscape in ASEAN and learn about the potentials and challenges of each member-states. 

Interview with ASEAN Centre for Energy

Initiate Talks: Interview with Energy Investment Management BV

Content: Interview
Date: 25 August 2020
Overview: We sat down with Adli Renhoren, Investment Advisor from Energy Investment Management BV who shared with us insights on what he does and the Indonesian Energy Transition Network.



Initiate Talks: Interview with Young Green Tech

Content: Interview
Date: 23 July 2020
Overview: What does the global support network of Young Green Tech look like and what does it take for a start-up to scale?



Initiate Talks: Interview with ARC Capital


Content: Interview
Date: 23 July 2020
Overview: Gayrajan Kohli, Director, Energy & Infrastructure at ARC Capital tells us why innovation plays such an important role in the energy transition, and his views on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Initiate Talks with ARC Capital

Initiate Talks: Interview with Energy & Environment Investment

Content: Interview
Date: 23 June 2020
Overview: Hiro Yamaguchi from Energy & Environment Investment shares his views on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in relation to the Japanese energy industry.


initiate asia video


Initiate Talks: Interview with Pinsent Masons

Content: Webinar
Date: 4 September 2019
Overview: Dr. Thorsten Volz, Partner, Head of the German Energy Practice at Pinsent Masons spoke about the 3 D's whilst speaking to Smart Energy International.


initiate talks 2