Initiate Talks: Fabio Tentori, Enel Innovation Hubs

Fabio Tentori, CEO, Enel Innovation Hubs, discusses their recently launched ReShape, a global call-out to start-ups and SMEs, as well as how sustainability and innovation are shaping Enel’s culture and business.

As CEO of Enel Innovation Hubs, the innovation arm of Enel that works with and mentors start-ups and SMEs to transform ideas into business solutions for the sustainable transition of our energy system, Fabio Tentori explains why they are going beyond innovation to “innovability”, a concept that reflects both open innovation and sustainability, and requires a change in mindset. He also shares details of the recently launched ReShape, an ambitious global call out to start-ups, SMEs, solvers and other energy entrepreneurs to work together with Enel to transform innovation into future solutions through a series of Challenges.


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