Lifecycle Management Series | Additive Manufacturing – new opportunities for power plant operation

Additive Manufacturing technology is enabling the transformation of energy systems. In this episode, expert speakers revealed the latest advances in this new field and explained how 3D is being deployed in the energy sector to deliver tangible benefits.

 Learn how: 

  • Being able to produce structures and components, that cannot be produced with conventional production methods, e.g. gas turbine blades/vanes cooling structures, fosters increased efficiency 
  • Enabling rapid prototyping of needed parts, e.g. stepwise adaptation of gas turbine burners to be able to burn increasing shares of hydrogen and allow greater fuel flexibility is contributing to decarbonisation 
  • Plant operation flexibility accelerates with the decrease lead times for parts through digital supply chains and manufacturing “on demand” – even at an industrial scale 

Moderator: Kelvin Ross, Editor-in-Chief – Power Engineering International


  • Johannes Schleifenbaum, Professor of Digital Additive Production, RWTH Aachen University 
  • Julius Schurb, Project Lead, Digital Engineering & Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Energy 
  • Markus Seibold, Vice-President Additive Manufacturing, Siemens Energy
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