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Enlit Europe Lifecycle Management Hub Series Season 2 Episode 1

Moderator: Cezmi Bilmez, Head of Grid Technology, Uniper Technologies


  • Rainer Zobel, Staff Development, KWS Powertech Training Centre
  • Lydia Amarquaye,  Professional Development & Education Policy Advisor, Institute of Mechanical Engineers
  • Constantijn Steinhusen, Project Manager, SuedOstLink (SOL) Project, TenneT

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Title: Re-skilling the Power Sector Workforce for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Content: Lifecycle Management Series - Season 2 |  Episode 1

Date: 30 September 2020 (14h00 CEST)

Overview:  Once considered among the steadiest and predictable of sectors, the energy transition has created a fast-changing work environment with job roles and employment opportunities evolving ever more rapidly. How are energy companies retaining and retraining their workforces to equip them for the emerging new roles? How just is the transition for those in unfashionable sectors who are being left behind?

While this change is occurring, lessons are also being learned and new working practices being adopted, as a result of pandemic-enforced remote working experiences. How are energy companies embracing these changes in ways that create economies, optimise processes and, at the same time, benefit employees?

This episode will lift the lid on the changes happening in workforce management right across the power sector and answer your questions about what this means for the future.

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