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New Energy Landscape Hub Series Episode 2

Moderator: Rudy Koenig, Principal, Energy for your Success


  • Aliki Van Heek, Unit Head 3E Analysis, IAEA
  • Graham Weale, Honorary Professor, Ruhr Universität Bochum
  • Oliver Then, Executive Managing Director, VGB Powertech

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Title: Episode 2 - Dispatchable Generation

Content: New Energy Landscape Hub Series Episode

Date: 13 August 2020 (14h00 CEST)

Overview: Dispatchable forms of power generation have provided previously indispensable system services to the grid. In this episode we look at the potential threat to grid stability resulting from increased variable renewable energy (VRE) generation and the spotlight this has thrown on dispatchable sources of generation and capacity – their role and value. What are the challenges facing grid operators to access and dispatch power on demand and maintain system stability? How are generators responding to the changing requirements? Are new technologies, including renewable ones, capable of providing grid services and what is the business model for these? How much of the heavy-lifting still falls to conventional, nuclear and pumped hydropower and how are these plants having to adapt? As well as gaining a better understanding of the shifting shape of dispatchable capacity underpinning the energy system, we will hear about specific examples and case studies.

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