Virtual Keynote - What if the global pandemic accelerated the green transition?

Our Keynote Panel will debate to what extent Europe can and will deliver on its promises, which underpin the energy transition.


Enlit Europe Hub Series Virtual Keynote 29 October

Moderator: Ronnie Belmans, Professor - KU Leuven & CEO - Energyville


  • Paolo Gallo, CEO, Italgas
  • Chris Peeters, CEO, Elia Group
  • Roberto Castiglioni, Co-Founder & CEO, Ikigai Group
  • Matthias Rebellius, CEO, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
  • Paddy Young, Director, Enlit Europe


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Title: Virtual Keynote - What if the global pandemic accelerated the green transition?


Content: What If Series Episode

Date: 29 October 2020 (9h30 CET)

Overview: While European countries simultaneously struggle to contain the coronavirus pandemic and stimulate emasculated economies, the EU has stated that the post-pandemic recovery will focus on the energy transition and its new flagship project, the European Green Deal. This has been described as ‘a new growth strategy’ that will lead the EU to become carbon neutral by 2050.

By prioritising the Green Deal, Europe is taking a global lead in tackling climate change.

But will the stimulus packages from Brussels and other European states be enough to act as a catalyst for a truly green recovery or will more short-term challenges of health, unemployment and social security divert attention and funding away from this crucial goal?

Will popular support for prioritising climate action across Europe be sustained?

What role does the energy industry itself have to play to accelerate the green transition?

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