Data Hub Series: Season 1 | Episode 1 - Interoperability: The cooperative approach

Moderator: Willem Strabbing, Managing Director, Esmig


  • Davy Michiels, Project Manager Digitale Meters at Fluvius
  • Tony Field, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the DLMS User Association
  • Pieter Coetzee, President, IDIS Association
  • Charles van Dyck,  Head of Marketing, OMS

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Title: Data Hub Series: Season 1 | Episode 1 - Interoperability: The cooperative approach
Content: Webinar Episode
Date: 31 August 2020

Overview: The requirement for device interoperability within the utility sector has been universally recognised for many years, but through the passage of time and the enrichment of experience of such programs the level of interoperability that is expected and the knowledge thereof has increased. Multi-vendor, multi-energy projects are notoriously complicated in any case, and the need for interoperable standards to be well supported and certifiable forms the cornerstone of a successful rollout. However, what is the best way to develop such interoperable specifications, with whom and following what process? This presentation addressed some of the problems and solutions of creating fully certifiable, interoperable standards through a partnership approach using industry lead specification development consortia.

Featuring representatives from the DLMS User Association, the IDIS Association, the OMS Association and other well-known industry representatives, this episode got to the bottom of the multi-energy interoperability question and outlined what has proved to be a successful approach to interoperability in the real world.