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14-18 December

Energy Markets Week: a full week that put Energy Trading centre stage! 

Enter the world of energy trading and watch our live discussions on demand, around Gas Sector Decarbonisation, Empowering Consumers in the Energy Markets, Corporate PPA’s and view the latest gas market reports, as get updates on the SEE and CEE regional power and gas market updates. Check out the available sessions below.

Energy Markets Week

Featuring ETCSEE 2020

14 Dec | How Interconnectors and offshore wind impacts the electricity market design


Energy Markets Talk with Paul Giesbertz, Head Advisor Market Policies & Regulatory Affairs, Statkraft


Energy Markets Week Statkraft

14 Dec | Gas Sector Decarbonisation And Sector Coupling - Ensuring A Market Based Approach

In this session, energy industry experts discussed the future role of the gas system, analysed the current policy landscape for gas decarbonisation and sector coupling, and above all, discussed how to ensure a market-based approach.

Energy Markets Week gas sector

14 Dec | Empowering Consumers in the Energy Markets


As a result of Europe’s energy transition, the need for flexibility is bigger than ever. The role of energy consumers in our energy markets is, therefore, growing in importance.  But how do you facilitate the participation of consumers and communities in Energy Markets?

Energy Markets Week Empowering Consumers

14 Dec | EFET session - Towards a pan-European hydrogen market

In this session we discussed how to move from vision to action, enabling a pan-EU hydrogen market beyond the existing market for hydrogen as chemical feedstock. 


EFET Session 3 Energy Markets Week

15 Dec | Looking back, Looking forward... 

Looking back, Looking forward: Impact of coal phase-out and carbon pricing on energy trading and security of supply

This session discussed: Impact of COVID-19 on the Green Deal; Future design and health of the Energy Markets; How fair is the competition between countries in the CSEE region?; How can increasing PV/Wind instalments in the Balkans counterbalance hydro shortage in the next few years?

Energy Markets Week Looking back looking forward

15 Dec | Energy Price Drivers

This session discussed: 


  • Fundamental factors in power price formation
  • Drivers for CSEE gas markets
  • An unconventional analysis of regional energy price


Energy Markets Week Energy Price Drivers

16 Dec | Regional Power Market Updates

This session discussed what trends we see in the CSEE region and how will the power market be affected, including:
  • Competition & innovating power spot trading in Poland
  • Trends and perspectives in the "HUPX region" and beyond
  • The effect of integration of RES on the regional power markets


Regional power market updates Energy Markets Week

16 Dec | Regional Gas Market Updates

During this session, we discussed what new trends we see in the CSEE region and how will the gas market be affected.

Energy Markets Week Regional Gas Market Updates


17 Dec | Market Update for Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

What does the future for CPPA’s look like? How is the demand for corporate sourcing linked to renewable energy assets picking up? Find out the answers to these (and more) questions watching this session.


Energy Markets Week

17 Dec | Interview with Gergely Molnar, IEA


Interview with Gergely Molnar, Energy Analyst Natural Gas at the International Energy Agency, about the Global Gas Security Review and Quarterly Gas Report, discussing European gas and LNG demand, supply response to the gas demand, IEA’s short term outlook for Global gas markets.

Interview IEA

18 Dec | EFET Session: Decarbonising the EU economy at least cost

This session explored the role of Europe’s well-functioning wholesale energy markets and a strengthened and expanded EU ETS in achieving cost-effective decarbonisation of the EU economy.


EFET session 1

18 Dec | EFET Session: Towards efficient energy system integration in Europe

Placing the EU Strategy for Energy System Integration in focus, this session explored approaches to ensuring efficient system integration in Europe. 


EFET session 2