Grids Hub Series: Season 1 | Episode 2 - Optimised Energy Systems through Sector Integration

Moderated by Torsten Knop, Head of European Regulation, Innogy SE, the guest speakers of this episode were:

  • Manuel Sánchez Jiménez, Team Leader for Smart Grids, European Commission, DG Energy - Directorate for Internal Market
  • Victor Thévenet, EU Policy Officer, GRDF
  • Rafael Felipe Coelho Da Silva, Head of Innovation at Global Infrastructure and Networks, Enel Group (recorded video presentation)

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Title: Episode 2 - Optimised Energy Systems through Sector Integration

Content: Grids Hub Series Episode

Date: 11 August 2020

Overview: Systems integration is key to a successful energy transition. Electricity, gas and heat will increasingly converge into energy systems that will be optimised at local and regional levels of different sizes. These essential components of a system structured bottom-up make it possible to manage the increasing complexity of the overall system.

Enablers and organisers of these optimised energy systems are prosumers, small communities, commercial operators, but in particular Distribution System Operators. Necessary to realize these systems are the definition of roles, the elimination of obstacles and the agreement about interfaces and conditions of co-operation between the different actors.