Lifecycle Management Hub Series Season 1 Episode 1: Repurposing Power Plant Infrastructure 

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Moderator: Katja Fechner, Deputy Managing Director VDMA Power Systems


  • Hartmut Oehme, Director Brownfield Transformation Combined Cycle, Siemens Energy 

  • Carlos Härtel, Director, Marketing & Business Development, E2S Power 

  • Robert McLauchlan, Country Lead Project Manager, RWE Technology

  • Fabio Cataudella, Head of Power Plants Repurposing - Business Development, Enel


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Title: Repurposing Power Plant Infrastructure 

Content: Enlit Europe Lifecycle Management Hub Series Episode | Webinar

Date: 18 February 2021

Overview: Right across Europe, large-scale conventional plant is being retired, particularly older coal-fired facilities. This is presenting opportunities for plant owners to re-imagine the usage of these plants in a variety of ways, some of which involve replacing the technology with sustainable low carbon solutions while retaining the grid connections and plant integrity. Other options include energy storage or hybrid solutions.

This episode shone a light on some of the most promising and exciting projects of this sort and revealed how new technologies are creating opportunities for these re-designed plants to play a role in a power system where flexibility, efficiency and sustainability are pre-requisites for success. Find out what creative solutions are being implemented, the innovative technologies they employ and the opportunities for suppliers.