15 Jul 2021


8:30 am - 11:00 am

Next-Gen Power Plants ” Connected, Flexible & Sustainable


Virtual Conclave


04h30 New York | 08h30 GMT | 09h30 London | 10h30 Amsterdam | 10h30 Johannesburg | 14h00 New Delhi | 16h30 Singapore | 18h30 Melbourne


Transition to a decarbonised future led by renewable energies would require forward-thinking digital power generation solutions given conventional power remains and will continue to remain the biggest contributor to the nation’s energy mix for years to come.


Flexibility and digitalisation will thus be the key to navigating multiple energy challenges – from fluctuating demand and the integration of renewables to the changing role of coal-fired plants.


From plant maintenance, emissions reduction, combustion optimisation to operational efficiency & reliability pragmatic adoption of digital technologies, are vital to ensure enhanced machine and personnel performance. Digital twins, AI, the IoT, predictive maintenance, robotics, and Big Data analytics are already providing measurable returns to early adopters.


Getting ahead of the curve would therefore require plant operators to collaborate, innovate & navigate the energy transition with digital.


The upcoming virtual conclave on ‘Next-Gen Power Plants ” Connected, Flexible & Sustainable‘ brings together thought leaders and experts from the industry – sharing their exclusive insights on digital strategies, trends & path-breaking technologies facilitating transformation, flexibility, operational excellence & sustainability of generation assets.