Enel and Saras to develop green hydrogen project in Sardinia

Italian multinational energy firm Enel has through its renewables subsidiary, Enel Green Power, signed a Memorandum of Intent with energy generation technologies firm Saras for the development of a green hydrogen project in Sardinia.

Enel and Saras have plans to develop a 20MW electrolyser powered by renewable energy produced onsite to produce green hydrogen.

The hydrogen will be used as a raw material in the Saras refinery at the Sarroch industrial site in the province of Cagliari.

The development is part of efforts by Enel to play a key role in accelerating the energy transition by embarking on key low-carbon energy technologies.

Hydrogen has been identified as a vital technology and a key enabler of the energy transition.

To decarbonise industrial sectors such as the chemicals, aviation, maritime and non-electrified rail transport, Enel has initiated green hydrogen production projects in Chile, Spain, the United States and Italy.

Salvatore Bernabei, CEO of Enel Green Power, said: We are constantly seeking partnerships to identify the best applications for this technology, particularly in industrial sectors that cannot be electrified and with emissions that are harder to reduce, including the chemical industry sector.”

Dario Scaffardi, CEO of Saras, adds: “We at Saras have been focusing on the challenges of energy transition for some time now, and in recent years we have strengthened our skill base with a series of projects designed to significantly reduce the refinery’s carbon footprint.

“This collaboration with Enel Green Power allows us to develop with an ideal partner one of these projects; that is the production and use of green hydrogen, now considered one of the strategies with the greatest potential for the decarbonisation of refining processes and the production of new generation fuels. Our Sarroch site is particularly suited, due to its size, location and structural characteristics, to develop and host a green hydrogen production project with clear potential for development and growth.

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