New Energy Landscape Hub Series: Season 2 | Episode 3: Driving the Grid Edge Revolution

25 Nov 2020
New Energy Landscape Series

The grid edge – the interface between the grid and the end-consumer - will only grow in importance.

Grid edge technologies can be essential to the transformation of global energy – facilitating the adoption of renewables, turning consumers to prosumers, and mitigating climate change. This episode examines the grid edge, its significance in driving the energy revolution, and signposts business and infrastructure owners right along in the energy value chain to valuable information about regional opportunities.

Many factors influence which solutions are appropriate for a region, or how prepared they are to deploy them at scale. Siemens is ready to share the work it has done with leading academics in creating an index to assess need and readiness for grid edge solutions, so that barriers and opportunities in different regions can be identified and the grid edge revolution can be accelerated.

Attendees will learn what grid edge means, both in terms of technology and its societal implications. They will gain practical insights into how grid edge solutions can and are being deployed providing vital intelligence for businesses and institutions.

Moderator: Kevin O'Donovan, Technology Evangelist


  • Michael Weinhold, Chief Technology Officer, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
  • Malcolm McCulloch, Professor, Energy and Power Group, University of Oxford
  • Joachim Müller-Kirchenbauer, Professor, Department of Energy and Resource Management, Technische Universität Berlin





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New Energy Landscape Series:
Europe’s net zero ambition is resulting in a fast evolving energy infrastructure requiring energy professionals to have an understanding across a range of topics, including centralised and distributed generation, flexibility, sector coupling, energy storage, carbon capture and more. The New Energy Landscape Series provides a comprehensible overview of these and other topics.

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