BeEnergy SG GmbH





Data & Analytics, Grid Management & Monitoring, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, Transmission


Customer Services, Hardware, Professional Services, Technology Provider


The mission of the company is to combine the technologies of Industry 4.0, measurement and classical SCADA protocols to a platform for SMART Grid in Hardware, Software and Cloud Middleware.

Therefore the focus is to be always state of the art in the field of protocols, architectures and IT security to guarantee our customers buying a sustainable solution for future demands in grid control and asset management.

The products of BeEnergy are the Smart Grid Interface Module (SGIM) and the cloud based data and device management hub Smart Grid Interface Portal (SGIP).


BeEnergy is able to give the grid operators exactly the right information to run the grid in the most efficient way considering new demand of non predictable producers and consumers of energy like photovoltaic systems (PV) or electrical vehicles (EV).

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