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Energy Pool manages and optimizes the energy consumption of industrial sites and, more broadly, of complex systems (distributed generation, renewable energy, storage asset, etc.) for a smarter and more sustainable energy management. Our energy flexibility monetization services enable the easy integration of renewable energies, help reduce CO2 emissions and allow to achieve substantial savings. Energy Pool has been one of the pioneers in the French flexibility market since 2009, and now has more than 100 employees worldwide. As a key partner of industrials, Energy Pool launched “The Active Factory” a new service offering aiming to unlock greater flexibility potential to serve decarbonization strategies.

Backed by a 10-year experience in energy flexibility operations, we also provide utilities and system operators with proven expertise and technology to implement and operate their own energy flexibility management and demand response programs. Finally, our service offering does include a unique software platform enabling the management of all types of distributed energy assets for renewables and microgrids developers and a more efficient management of the challenges initiated by increased DER penetration on utilities distribution networks.

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