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For all operators of biogas and natural gas plants who want to comply with the formaldehyde and NOx emission limit values using H+H SCR (DeNOx) exhaust gas cleaning Systems and SCR catalysts.


Active against air pollution, nitrogen oxides and fine dust – that’s what we stand for with our H+H SCR (DeNOx) exhaust gas cleaning systems and SCR catalysts for the reduction of NOx emissions.


Since 2007 H+H Engineering & Service GmbH is a globally active supplier of SCR (DeNOx) exhaust gas cleaning systems and SCR catalysts based in Germany for the following branches:

* Industry
* Marine
* Greenhouses
* Service


Our H+H SCR (DeNOx) Catalyst Systems enable the achievement of nitrogen oxide reduction rates of more than 95 % and are used for:

* Stationary combustion engines (diesel, biogas, natural gas, dual fuel and rapeseed oil)

* Non-engine combustion processes (biomass, glass furnace, SNCR-SCR combination, industrial boilers) as well as gas turbines

* Vessel engines (Cruise, Offshore, Research, Cargo, Fishing and Fish Farming Vessels)

* CO2 fertilization for greenhouses


Our core competences include catalyst design and development of the complete SCR (DeNOx) Catalyst Systems including SCR/oxidation catalyst and SCR housing, urea pump, compressor, dosing unit, PLC, urea nozzle and NOx analyzer.


At H+H Engineering & Service GmbH personal support does not end with the sale and commissioning of a SCR system. A worldwide network of own service engineers and local partners is available to the customer. By this network long waiting times, high travel costs and language barriers are kept to a minimum.


Planetary Health – A world with clean air through ultra low emissions for ALL – PEOPLE, ANIMALS, CLIMATE and NATURE – that is what we stand for with our H+H SCR (DeNOx) Catalyst Systems.


A team of specialists, technology fanatics and team players is waiting for you at our German and also at our international locations.

H+H Engineering & Service:
* Birkenleite 2, 96242 Sonnefeld, Germany

H+H International Partner:

* Europe (Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, UK)
* America (Chile, Canada, USA)
* Asia (China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey)

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