Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster






The Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (LE2C) is a non-profit organization, officially recognised as the Regional technology Cluster for Energy and environment by the Region of Lombardy. It is composed of 140 members (large companies, SMEs, universities and research centers, industrial associations and non-profit bodies, institutions from the public sector, and financial institutions).

LE2C has identified 6 Focus Areas:

  1. Smart Energy Systems
  2. Sustainable Manufacturing
  3. Green Building
  4. Water-Energy Nexus
  5. Clean Air
  6. Circular Economy

where research centers and companies work together to develop innovative projects and raise new business opportunities.


Within LE2C’s 6 areas of expertise, 4 pillars have been identified on which to focus resources for the next six years that refer to values and traits that the Cluster favors.

The strategic pillars defined in the 2021-27 strategy are as follows:

 CO2 Reduction – the purpose is to create awareness on the CO2 issue and to provide companies with the cognitive tools, with the aim of involving them in initiatives aimed at decreasing CO2 emissions and quantifying the reduction.

– Hydrogen Development – with the aim of increasing the possibility of creating a sustainable economic system where research, industry and technical training cooperate for an innovative model of territorial development.

– Industrial Symbiosis – constitutes an expansion of the Energy Cleantech theme and represents an eco-innovative system approach that favors the transfer of matter, energy, water and/or by-products between traditionally separate industries.

– Digitalization – the objective is to provide businesses with information and support services to facilitate access to advanced digital technical skills and financial support, with the collaboration of EDIH Lombardia (European Digital Innovation Hub)


The mission of LE2C is to foster the Cleantech and energy sector and to create synergies among its members to improve innovation and competitiveness. LE2C supports the internationalization of its companies and technology transferred, especially for SMEs, facilitating access to European funding, organizing b2b and trade business missions.  Another objective that the LE2C Cluster has set itself is to increase the number of members of all sizes by 10% each year. In order to do this and help our SMEs to be more competitive, we believe that “Innovate” is the core activity of Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster and the constant search for innovation is the main goal to pursue. In order for the association to achieve its goal, it is necessary to put in place certain tools to support innovation, which refer to channels, enablers and accelerators of the innovation process.

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