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With the pleasure and with big respect, our company, Rizzi Engineering will make a part of Enlit Europe in Milan from 30.11.-02.12.2021.

Rizzi Engineering was founded in 1938 and since then is active in heat recovery in oil & gas, steel mills, power industry, chemical and marine industries.

We will focus our partecipation on the presentation of RECUPERATIVE AIR HEAT EXCHANGERS. Their implementation could visibly increase the thermal efficiency of production process of many realities at huge range of industry.

The technical skills, research and development in the design of the heat exchange surfaces and the reliable production experience allow Rizzi Engineering to be a valid partner for getting the best results.

From the main product portfolio we are offering:

COMBUSTION  AIR/GAS  PREHEATERS – our RAAG patented type,  plate recuperative static type,  zero leakage features, with wide gap between channels; much more compact than tubular type

RETRACTABLE RAKE  SOOT  BLOWERS   – fit for economizers and air preheaters cleaning zones of economizers and catalyst beds of DENOX

STEAM  AIR  PREHEATERS – our AIREX patented type, provided with high efficiency,  finned tube bundles

ECONOMIZER our AK type with square for any type of boilers

WASTE HEAT RECOVERY UNITS working with steam, water, superheated water, thermal oil, with duty uo tp 25 MW, downstream DIESELS and GAS TURBINES and INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES

Our equipments can be realized in different materials i.e. carbon steel, alloy steel, corten or stainless steel, glass tubes, enamelled steel, suitable for different applications.

Rizzi Engineering has its production plant in Adro (Brescia), North Italy.

Please, for any enquiry, contact us on sales@rizzieng.com


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