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SICA SpA – Burners and Burner Components: based in the north of Italy, SICA manufacture burners and burner parts, on a third-party basis, for the oil and gas industry. SICA is recognized internationally as the expert manufacturer and consultant and for the engineering and product industrialization support given to the oil and gas market leading companies.

The continuous growth of SICA has always been marked by a strong commitment towards the requirements of the market and to the improvement of the Customer service.

Constantly investing in R&D, SICA combines innovation, high-tech machines, highly skilled personnel and 58 years’ technological expertise to create a powerful manufacturing structure in conformity with the strictest international standards of quality, environment and safety.

A new commitment to implement a Lean Manufacturing System has been taken by SICA to obtain a more flexible manufacturing process to minimize and finally eliminate waste.

Flexibility and cost reduction in favor of a bigger economic advantage and added value for the client are strategic instruments to achieve the perfection of quality and service.

The continuous pursuit of Total Quality and fabrication excellence have since ever distinguished SICA in a market that is more and more inflated by pseudo-manufacturing experts.  

For further information: SICA Spa – 2 Via V. Moratello – 37045 Legnago (VR) – Italy – Ph. +39 0442 27455 –

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