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STOPSON ITALIANA pioneers the acoustical market since 1965 with highly engineered, custom made noise control solutions to meet customers’ expectations worldwide.

With 50 years of experience of designing and manufacturing products, structures, test facilities and providing engineering support for the power and energy market, we can provide cost effective, proven and guaranteed solutions for all noise pollution problems.

Boilers and HRSG Silencers

Steam vent, blow down, flue gas, by-pass stack and fan silencers. From stand-alone silencers to complete exhaust gas systems, delivering up to 70 dBA noise abatement.

Engine Exhaust Silencers

A wide range of absorptive and reactive engine silencers offering a noise reduction of 15dB(A) to 50dB(A) using single units. In addition, tailor made silencers to suit customer specific requirements are available.


Turbomachinery Noise Control


From filter houses to complete exhaust systems and acoustic enclosures packages, we offer turn key noise solutions for gas turbines, compressors, generators and steam turbines, applicable to the most demanding on-shore/off-shore installations.


Vent Silencers


An optimized expansion and diffuser systems, coupled with performing sound absorbing silencers ensure a highly effective noise reduction of valve venting noises for power applications, i.e. safety, snort, control valves, ejectors, for any fluid.


Stack and Duct Silencers


Splitter baffles fitting rectangular or cylindrical ducts or stacks, intended for flue gas exhaust systems, air intake and discharge for ventilation systems.

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