Flexibility to support grid planning

Flexibility provided by storage and loads will be central within the future electric system and provide an important opportunity to manage the grids in a more flexible and more economical way.

Presently, TSOs and DSOs do not consider this in their planning practice. We look at the FlexPlan project with six detailed simulation cases covering most of Europe, the importance that this methodological change could have in reducing costs in new infrastructure and speeding up the update of the grid infrastructure for the decarbonisation challenge. The results of this project should motivate TSOs and DSOs – in accordance with NRAs – to change their future practice. Utilities and policy makers should be particularly keen to listen to the presentations, as well as possible future investors in storage facilities.

The discussion provides details on the characterisation of the storage and flexibility and the features of the new planning tool. It also provides insight on the long-term scenarios used to represent the European system.

Furthermore, we look critically at the present EU regulations, highlighting what is missing in the framework of the new package “Clean Energy for All Europeans”.

Moderator: Gianluigi Migliavacca, Project Coordinator, Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE)


  • Bjà¶rn Matthes, Group leader “Transmission Grid Planning and Energy Markets” / Research Associate, TU Dortmund University
  • Andrei Morch, Research Scientist at SINTEF
  • Hakan Ergun, Expert Power System Modelling and Optimisation, KU Leuven
  • Raul Rodriguez-Sanchez, Research Engineer in Smart Grids, TECNALIA

What will you learn:

Next generation flexible system planning models

  • Dynamic optimisation of trade-offs between flexibility, storage and classical grid investments
  • Joint transmission and distribution system modelling
  • High performance implementation for large scale application

Characterisation and potential of flexibility in the power system

  • Storage and Demand Response as flexibility resources
  • Flexibility resources location in the network
  • Selection of flexibility candidates as part of a network planning methodology

An ambitious set of energy and grid scenarios at 2030-40-50

  • Key technologies changing supply and demand in future power systems
  • Technologies driving flexibility in transmission grid planning: Storage, PST, HVDC
  • Incorporating political and regulatory aspects in future energy system scenarios

Regulatory framework and attention points for the future

  • Analysis of present regulation in Europe on grid development
  • Highlight of gaps and barriers to value the role of flexibility
  • Possible preliminary ideas of a regulatory development

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