14 May 2020

Enlit Asia Interview Series: The world’s fastest one million smart meter deployment

This not-to-be-missed interview will provide you with valuable insights from EESL and Trilliant
Networks into the fastest-ever rollout of one million smart meters.

The discussion will help you understand the secrets to a partnership that was so integral to the
success of the project and highlight key lessons learned by both parties that will shape the future of
mass-meter deployment across the region.

In just 12 months, over one million smart meters have been deployed. Yet this incredible
achievement is just the tip of the iceberg: with a target to replace 250 million conventional meters, EESL
and Trilliant outline how they intend to develop the project. They highlight the systems they will have in
place to enable a rate of deployment never seen before, allowing them to install one million meters in a
matter of weeks by 2021.


Saurabh Kumar, Managing Director | EESL

Bryan Spear, Managing Director APAC | Trilliant Networks