New Energy Landscape Hub Series: Season 2 | Episode 1 - The Future Role of Thermal Generation

Moderator: Mateusz Wronski, Head of Product Development, Aurora Energy Research Ltd


  • Matthias Zelinger, Managing Director, VDMA Power Systems
  • Doug Waters, Director, Global Energy & Engineering Services, Uniper
  • Claudio Moscardini, Managing Director of Power Assets and Energy Management, Sorgenia

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Title: New Energy Landscape Hub Series: Season 2 | Episode 1 - The Future Role of Thermal Generation
Content: Webinar Episode
Date: 9 September 2020

Overview: As the energy transition accelerates, we explore what this means for the owners of the infrastructure that has been the traditional backbone of Europe’s electric power system. Using a broad definition of thermal generation to include all fossil fuels, nuclear, geothermal and biomass, panelists will be invited to offer views on how much longer these assets will play a role as more countries move towards zero carbon and how they are adapting to the new requirements of the grid. How are plants coping with the stresses of increased cycling and how can digitalization help? What adaptions are needed and what is the business case for these or new assets?

The discussion considered how policy and regulation is impacting the position of thermal generation and what options asset owners have? Panelists shared their views on the role of thermal generation in district heating, CHP and in the hydrogen play plus how sustainable biomass repowering is offering a second life the role for some thermal plants.