Empowered Consumer Hub Series: Season 2 Episode 1 - Energy Poverty (Part 1): The Question of Energy Affordability

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Moderator: Agnese Cecchini, Editorial Director, Gruppo Italia Energia,


  • Marta Garcia, CEO, Ecoserveis
  • Eloi Piel, Head of Policy & European Affairs, Euroheat & Power
  • Marine Cornelis, Executive Director, Next Energy Consumer



EC’s Renovation Wave: Turning the Tide on Energy Poverty?

With its newly announced Renovation Wave Strategy, the European Commission is aiming to at least double building renovation rates over the next 10 years, resulting in higher energy efficiency. If successful, this strategy could be instrumental in tackling  Europe’s long-standing problem of energy poverty and its many associated issues.


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Title: Season 2 Episode 1 | Energy Poverty (Part 1): The Question of Energy Affordability

Content: Empowered Consumer Hub Series Episode

Date: 13 October 2020

Overview: In Europe, energy poverty is the result of energy inefficient buildings and appliances, high energy expenditures, low incomes and specific household needs. How could we make energy pricing more affordable or even affordable for all? What are the good examples of innovative work and activities going on in Europe?

In this session, our panel explored these questions and others, illustrating with examples of novel work and initiatives that seek to help make energy more affordable.